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TQ Masters 24
Information on The 2019 TQ Masters Golf Tournament.
updated 25-oct-19
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Welcome to the 24th TQ Masters page.


R&A and USGA Rules will apply, as well The course’s Local Rules and IPGC Local Rules.
Handicaps will be accepted from PSC, IPGC, Bangkok Golf Groups affiliated with the USGA or R&A, or any official USGA or R&A Handicap. All golfers who do not have a current handicap with the PSC or IPGC will be required to show proof of current handicap at Registration.

TQ Masters


On Friday, Oct 18th, The 24th annual TQ Masters took place at The Phoenix Gold.

SINGLES STABLEFORD in Groups of Four from 1st & 10th Tee, starting 10:00 a.m.
DIVISIONSbased on handicap: Div 1 9 or less, Div 2 10-19, Div 3 19-28.
HANDICAPS: Maximum: 28. Div 1 double bogie, Div 2 7 stroke max, Div 3 8 stroke max.

TQ Masters Champion Green Jacket for Best Men’s Score & prize.
            Trophy for 1St Places Divisions 1, 2, 3.   
            Vouchers for 2nd, 3rd, Near Pins and Long Drives.


Div 1
1st – Steve Morey Net 72
2nd – Carl Ballantine Net 75
3rd – Jay Burns Net 78

Div 2
1st – Victor Diaz Net 71/39/29 Green Jackt winner
2nd – Kurt Danter Net 71/39/31
3rd – Rene Roth Net 73

Div 3
1st – Stanley Gieriaszski Net 72
2nd – Nigel Henry Net 73
3rd – Kevin Pratt Net 75/38

Near pins were taken by:
Ocean 3 - Ross Schiffke
Ocean 7 - John Blyton
Mountain 4 - Paul Young
Mountain 8 - Rick Groebel

The Long-Putt was taken by:
Christoph Balzli - 20,000 Baht

Annual TQ Masters



It's only rock and roll

.2018 Masters

73 golfers, some traveling from as far away as Atlanta Ga., Seoul South Korea, and from all corners of Thailand, set out with a two tee start on Phoenix Gold Golf and Country Club’s Mountain and Ocean courses to compete in the 24th TQ Masters Friday, Oct. 18.

The staff at Phoenix were great and the grounds in ideal condition, and even the weather cooperated, not always a given at this time of year.

When the last putt was holed and the last card turned in and calculated, Victor Diaz with his net 71 had won the tournament and the coveted Green Jacket for 2019.

Libations out on the course for the oldest surviving “major” tournament in Pattaya were supplied by V.V. in the hash truck with the usual beverages and dynamite sub sandwiches.

Presentations were held back at The Tahitian Queen on Beach Road where golfers were treated to Bjarne’s famous chuck stew.

In the end, a great day and evening was had by all leaving many looking forward to number 25 next year!

Event organizer John Emmerson

Victor Diaz winner of The Green Jacket and Div 2. with Woody.



Around the course.
On course

On course

On course

On course

On course

On course

Trophy's for the three Division winners.

Div winner

Div winner
Victor Diaz Div 2 winner.

Div winner

Voucher winners.




Voucher winners.

Voucher 2

Voucher 2

Voucher 2

Voucher winners.

Voucher 3

Voucher 3

Voucher 3
Kurt Danter Div 2 second place Voucher winner.

Long Putt

Long Putt
Jack Levy (donor) and Christoph Balzli (winner) for Long Putt.

Long Putt
Jack Levy and Woody present Christoph Balzli with Long putt 20K.

Around the Bar having fun.
Bar fun

Bar fun

TQ Masters Footer

We look forward to seeing you in the best Rock n' Roll bar in Pattaya!


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