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TQ Masters 21
Information on The 2014 TQ Masters Golf Tournament.
updated 7-sep-15
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Welcome to the 21st TQ Masters page.


R&A and USGA Rules will apply, as well The course’s Local Rules and IPGC Local Rules.
Handicaps will be accepted from PSC, IPGC, Bangkok Golf Groups affiliated with the USGA or R&A, or any official USGA or R&A Handicap. All golfers who do not have a current handicap with the PSC or IPGC will be required to show proof of current handicap at Registration.

TQ Masters


On Friday, Oct 17th, The 21st annual TQ Masters took place at The Emerald Golf Resort.

in Groups of Four from 1st Tee, starting  09:00 a.m.   
Three Men’s Divisions, plus Ladies Division if 5 or more ladies play.
Maximum:  Men – 28; Ladies - 36.   TEES: Men – White; Ladies – Red

TQ Masters Champion (Green Jacket) for Best Men's score:Butch Porter 41 points.
TQ Masters Ladies Champion (Pink Jacket) for Best Ladies Score, (with 5 entrants): N/A
Trophy for 1st places Div I, II, III & Ladies.
Vouchers for 2nd, 3rd, Near Pins and Long Drives (3 Mens Divs).

DIVISION 1 Trophy winner:
Winner: Rick Kaban 39 points
1st Runner up: Sugar Robertson 36 points
2nd Runner up: Chaten Patel 35 points
Longest Drive: Mark Pekuri

DIVISION 2 Trophy winner:
Winner: Butch Porter 41 points (Green Jacket)
1st Runner up: Richard Anderson 35/17 points
2nd Runner up: Steve Elllison 35/16 points
Longest Drive: Ken Price

DIVISION 3 Trophy winner:
Winner: Matt Miller 39 points
1st Runner up: Ross Schifeke 38/22
2nd Runner up: John Mackay 38/20
Longest Drive: Martin Blurta

LADIES DIVISION: Trophy winner:
Winner: N/A

#5: Div 1 Brian Dodd Div 2 Kurt kanter Div 3 Larry Ball
#7: Div 1 Joe Buda Div 3 Ray Regan
#13: Div 1 Mal Thomas Div 2 Joe Zonca
#15: Div 1 Sugar Robertson Div 2 Todd Bedenis
Div 3 David Dgira

Annual TQ Masters



It's only rock and roll

After a quick dispensing of the complimentary and most welcome bloody Caesar’s at sign-up (an essential TQ Master tradition) the first 4-ball teed off at 9 a.m. in partly cloudy but warm conditions.  Play proceeded at a steady pace and the on-course roving beer carts manned by Bill, Sung, Apple and Ann made sure the golfers’ seemingly unquenchable thirst was adequately attended to.

The course was presented in fine condition for the event but was still a bit damp from recent rains so the ‘lift, clean and place’ ruling came into effect.  One player who had a day to remember was Kurt Kanter who made the most difficult shot in golf when he sunk his tee shot on the par four #2 hole for an albatross... congratulations Kurt!

Apres golf everyone changed up and headed back to the TQ rock ’n’ roll bar in Pattaya for the presentation ceremony, which was preceded by the announcement of an extended happy hour and a leg of ox barbecue provided by Bjarne of the Café Kronborg.

With appetites sated it was time to announce the winners of this year’s tournament.  Taking first place in the A Flight was Rick Kaban with a fine 39 points, three ahead of Sugar Robertson in second and a further point up on Chaten Patel in third.

B Flight winner was Butch Porter with a whopping 41 points while Richard Anderson and Steve Elllison were locked in a battle for second place on 35 points each, Richard finally prevailing on a 17/16 count back.

Matt Miller was the top dog in C Flight with a 39 point haul and he was able to sit back and relax as Ross Schifeke and John Mackay fought for the scraps on 38 points each, the 22/20 back nine split falling in Ross’ favour.

So we came to the winner of this year’s TQ Masters, and with it the honour of donning the prestigious Green Jacket.  With his high 41 points tally of the day, Butch Porter was announced as the 2014 champion and he duly went up on stage to receive his trophy and prized emerald garment from Mamsan Ead, who performed her presentation duties with customary aplomb.

There were also many technical prizes to hand out, the Long Drive awards went to Mark Pekuri (A Flight), Ken Price (B Flight) and Martin Blurta (C Flight) while Near Pin prizes were picked up by Brian Dodd, Kurt Kanter, Larry Ball, Joe Buda, Ray Regan, Mal Thomas, Joe Zonca, Sugar Robertson, Todd Bedenis and David Dgira.

In addition to all the division and technical prizes listed already, Jack Levy from MLG Consulting donated 20,000 baht to be contested on the 18th green with the longest putt made winning 50% of the prize and 50% going to Jesters Care for Kids, particularly towards an 11-year old girl’s heart operation.  Stuart Rhodes 45-ft putt won by inches as he was in the penultimate group and only four more attempts were made.

2014 TQ Masters Photos


Chris tees off as Russel and Mark watch.

Chris checks Caddy.



Apple and Ann provide the beverages.

Chris tees off.


Russell in cart.

Soda with Ann and Apple.

Chris and Russell.

Rick Kaban
Rick Kaban - A flight winner.

Matt Miller
Matt Miller - C flight Champion.

Kurt Kanter had albatross on par 4 num 2 Emerald.

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We look forward to seeing you in the best Rock n' Roll bar in Pattaya!


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