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TQ Masters 20
Information on The 2013 TQ Masters Golf Tournament.
updated 7-sep-15
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Welcome to the 20th TQ Masters page.


R&A and USGA Rules will apply, as well The course’s Local Rules and IPGC Local Rules.
Handicaps will be accepted from PSC, IPGC, Bangkok Golf Groups affiliated with the USGA or R&A, or any official USGA or R&A Handicap. All golfers who do not have a current handicap with the PSC or IPGC will be required to show proof of current handicap at Registration.

TQ Masters


On Friday, Oct 18th, The 20th annual TQ Masters took place at The Emerald Golf Resort.

in Groups of Four from 1st Tee, starting  08:30 a.m.   
Three Men’s Divisions, plus Ladies Division if 5 or more ladies play.
Maximum:  Men – 28; Ladies - 36.   TEES: Men – White; Ladies – Red

TQ Masters Champion (Green Jacket) for Best Men's score: Richard Manthorne (39 points)
TQ Masters Ladies Champion (Pink Jacket) for Best Ladies Score, N/A:
Trophy for 1st places Div I, II, III & Ladies.
Vouchers for 2nd, 3rd, Near Pins and Long Drives (3 Mens Divs).

DIVISION A Trophy winner:
Winner: Richard Manthorne 39 points (Green Jacket)
1st Runner up: Ernie McInnemy 37 points
2nd Runner up: Kin Aihara 35 points
Longest Drive: Simon Philbrook

DIVISION B Trophy winner:
Winner: Eric Curley 38 points
1st Runner up: Bill Mayfield 36 points
2nd Runner up: Paul Ovens 35 points on countback
Longest Drive: Paul Ovens

DIVISION C Trophy winner:
Winner: Christoph Balzi 35 points
1st Runner up: Gary Crutchfield 34/17 points
2nd Runner up: Ian Hogg 34/13 points
Longest Drive: Thomas Reason

LADIES DIVISION: Trophy winner:
Winner: N/A

Hole #5:
Div A: Rusty Barfield
Div B: Gavin Wright (Hole in one)
Div C: Paul Janzen
Hole #7:
Div A: Simon Philbrook
Div B: Kurt Kanter
Div C: Gary Crutchfield
Hole #13:
Div A: Rusty Barfield
Div B: Keith W0rboys
Div C: Oiy St Laurent
Hole #15:
Div A: Richard Manthorne
Div B: Kym Stutley
Div C: Ian Hogg

Longest putt 15 feet by Joe St Laurent (20,000 baht won and donated to Jesters Care for Kids Charity Drive.)

Annual TQ Masters



It's only rock and roll

The outing has always been about fun, and that starts with providing Caesar’s at the sign-ups and then on the course, roving beer carts make sure the golfers’ thirst is slaked.

When the golf was over, we headed back to the TQ rock ’n’ roll bar in Pattaya for extended happy hours and a leg of ox barbecue a la Bjarne of the Kronborg, before the awards ceremony and the donning of the coveted green jacket to the winner.

The weather cooperated nicely on the day, save for a brief downpour, and it allowed us to have a great day out and evening back at the bar.

We would sincerely like to particularly thank the following: Pattaya Mail for advertising the event and coverage on the day; John and Steve from The Golf Club for organizing it all; Alan Bolton Property Consultants for their sponsorship; Jack Levy for his charitable donation; Joe and Oi St. Laurent for their kindness; The Freemans, Bill and Greg, father and son, for all their help and driving the beer carts, along with Ann, Apple and Pik; and finally to all the players who are the ones that made it really happen.

Green Jacket Winner
Richard Manthorne dons the champion’s green jacket after being declared the overall winner for 2013.

Division B Winner
Eric Curley receives his trophy from Mamasan Ead after winning Division B.

Division C Winner
Christoph Balzi was the winner of Division C.

TQ players and caddies all set for a great day at Emerald G.C.

TQ Masters Footer

We look forward to seeing you in the best Rock n' Roll bar in Pattaya!


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