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TQ Masters 16
Information on The 2009 TQ Masters Golf Tournament.
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Welcome to the 16th TQ Masters page.


R&A and USGA Rules will apply, as well The course’s Local Rules and IPGC Local Rules.
Handicaps will be accepted from PSC, IPGC, Bangkok Golf Groups affiliated with the USGA or R&A, or any official USGA or R&A Handicap. All golfers who do not have a current handicap with the PSC or IPGC will be required to show proof of current handicap at Registration.

TQ Masters


On Friday, Oct 16th, The 16th annual TQ Masters took place at The Emerald Golf Resort.

in Groups of Four from 1st Tee, starting  08:56 a.m.   
Three Men’s Divisions, plus Ladies Division
Maximum:  Men – 28; Ladies - 36.   TEES: Men – White; Ladies – Red

TQ Masters Champion (Green Jacket) for Best Men's score: Werner Lamm 41 pts
TQ Masters Ladies Champion (Pink Jacket) for Best Ladies Score: Miranda Wylynda 41 pts

DIVISION 1 Trophy winner:
Winner: Jeff Cordiero 39 pts
1st Runner up: Steve Davenport 38/20 pts
2nd Runner up: Steve Snellgrove 38/17 pts
Longest Drive: Lee Adelly

DIVISION 2 Trophy winner:
Winner: Werner Lamm 41 pts
1st Runner up: Lee Adelly 40 pts
2nd Runner up: Steve Staley 38 pts
Longest Drive: Eddy Beilby

DIVISION 3 Trophy winner:
Winner: Jani Metsonen 40 pts
1st Runner up: Greg Todd 37 pts
2nd Runner up: Kim Karlsson 32 pts
Longest Drive: Kim Karlsson

LADIES DIVISION: Trophy winner:
Winner: Miranda Wylynda 41 pts
Nearest Pin: #15: Yui Bietry
Longest Drive: Miranda Wylynda

#5: Steve Ellison
#7: Steve Davenport
#13: JJ Wright
#15: Art O'Connor

16th Annual TQ Masters



It's only rock and roll


The coveted TQ Masters Green Jacket was won this year by Werner Lamm with a very tidy 41 Stable-Ford points. The last we saw of Werner was his smiling face racing towards 'Walking Street' proudly wearing his Green jacket. The Ladies Pink Jacket was won by another fine round of 41 points by Ms. Miranda Wylynda. The rest of the field fought for a podium place in Three Divisions as shown above.

A Grand day was had by all and a few 'Free' beers were toasted to Woody and his staff for another memorable TQ Masters. The party at TQ featured a Roast Ox Leg served up with some fixins and some very fine dancers...Now that's the way we like it.


16th TQ Masters
John Emmersons girls at sign-up.


16th TQ Masters
Girls in the clubhouse.


16th TQ Masters
Rosco with the girls.


16th TQ Masters
Pervy and Caddy.


16th TQ Masters
Lee Adelly hitting the longest drive.


16th TQ Masters
Kevin Mitch on the tee box.


16th TQ Masters
The Canuks.


16th TQ Masters
On the green.


16th TQ Masters
Russel, Ross, Steve & Mark.


16th TQ Masters
Miranda: Ladies winner - 2009.


16th TQ Masters
Steve Davenport: Runner up Div 1.


16th TQ Masters
Jeff Cordiero: Division 1 winner.


16th TQ Masters
Werner: Mens winner 2009.


16th TQ Masters
Werner and friends.


16th Masters Footer


We look forward to seeing you in the best Rock n' Roll bar in Pattaya!


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