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TQ Masters 15
Information on The 2008 TQ Masters Golf Tournament.
updated 6-sep-15
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Welcome to the 15th TQ Masters page.


R&A and USGA Rules will apply, as well The course’s Local Rules and IPGC Local Rules.
Handicaps will be accepted from PSC, IPGC, Bangkok Golf Groups affiliated with the USGA or R&A, or any official USGA or R&A Handicap. All golfers who do not have a current handicap with the PSC or IPGC will be required to show proof of current handicap at Registration.

TQ Masters


On Friday, Oct 17th, The 15th annual TQ Masters took place at The Emerald Golf Resort.

in Groups of Four from 1st Tee, starting  09:04 a.m.   
Three Men’s Divisions, plus Ladies Division
Maximum:  Men – 28; Ladies - 36.   TEES: Men – White; Ladies – Red

TQ Masters Champion (Green Jacket) for Best Men's score: Mike 'DABBER' Dabanovich 43 points
TQ Masters Ladies Champion (Pink Jacket) for Best Ladies Score: Pimu Yoshihashi 43 points

DIVISION 1 Trophy winners:
Winner: Mark Wood 42 points
1st Runner up: John Emmerson 37 points
2nd Runner up: Rusty Barfield 37 points
Longest Drive: Kevin macintosh

DIVISION 2 Trophy winners:
Winner: Billy Borta 40 points
1st Runner up: Christoph Balzli 39 points
2nd Runner up: Rick Moren 38 points
Longest Drive: Jeff kallal

DIVISION 3 Trophy winners:
Winner: Sal Carluccio 42 points
1st Runner up: Loz Shaw 39 points
2nd Runner up: Matt Millar 39 points
Longest Drive: Greg Todd

LADIES DIVISION: Trophy winners:
Nearest Pin: #15: Pimu Yoshihashi
Longest Drive: Pimu Yoshihashi

#5: Mark Wood
#7: Steve Ellison
#13: Cameron Radford
#15: Kale Karlberg

15th Annual TQ Masters



It's only rock and roll

Things running smooth. Woody & Steve.


Jesters Team
Paul, Kevin, Sam & Patrick ready to rumble.


Moe Deverdene
Moe strokes a fine putt.


Paul Ovens
Spot rolls a putt.


Jimmie Little
A fine stroke by Jimmie.


Back at TQ
Plenty of food on return to TQ.


Steve Ellison
Steve Ellison was closest to pin on #9.


Cameron Radford
Cameron Radford closest to pin on #13.


Kale Karlberg
Kale Karlberg closest to pin on #15.


Greg Todd
Greg Todd accepts Long drive Div 3.


Jeff Kallal
Jeff Kallal accepts Long drive Div 2.


Kevin Macintosh
Kevin Macintosh accepts Long drive Div 1.


Sal Carluccio
Sal Carluccio: Winners Trophy Div 3.


Christoph Balzli
Christoph Balzli: 1st Runner up Div 2.


Billy Borta
Billy Borta: Winners Trophy Div 2.


Rusty Barfield
Rusty Barfield: 2nd runner up Div 1.


John Emmerson
John Emmerson: 1st runner up Div 1.


Mark Wood
Mark Wood: Winner Div 1.


Pimu Yoshihashi
Pimu dons the Pink Jacket. She also wins Ladies near pin and Ladies Long drive trophies.


Mike 'Dabber' Dabanovich
Mike 'Dabber' Dabanovich dons the 2008
TQ Masters Champions Green Jacket.


Mark Wood
Paul of Pattaya Mail interviews Mark Wood.


Paul of Pattaya Mail interviews Woody.


We look forward to seeing you in the best Rock n' Roll bar in Pattaya!


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