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June 2006
Welcome to The Tahitian Queen. Lots of Party fun at Scar's Birthday Bash
Updated 5-sep-15
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Scar's Birthday Party held on 18th June 2006

Scar's Birthday Bash 2006


Olaf Having fun
Olaf in a relaxed mood.


The Land of Smiles
The girls always have a smile for you.


Having Fun
Always a good conversation available.


Hard of Hearing
If it's too loud you get a little closer.


A Quiet corner
Having a relaxing time.


Wild Bill & Jesters
Is Wild Bill watching TV?


Dr. Mary in The Office
Checking out the local talent.


Check Bin time
Making sure there are no mistakes.


Another round of drinks please
Get everybody a drink.


Happy Birthday Scar
Let's all wish Scar a Happy Birthday.


Heard that one before mate
Airhead cracking another joke?


The Birthday Boy
Happy Birthday Scar.


Y'all got a light
Have another one Steve.


Bet you aint heard this one Mate
Punch line coming soon.


Scar's Birthday Bash 2006


Its only rock and roll

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