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TQ Memories
Welcome to The Tahitian Queen. Lots of Memories here. Take a trip down memory lane.
Updated 8-sep-15
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A trip down TQ Memory Lane

Memory Lane


Teeny Weeny
A Buddha smile.


Quiet corner
Zak having a quiet drink.


Jesters Relax
The Jesters enjoying a drink.


Is there a Doctor in the house?


Old Farts
It's all about timing! Kai.


All at sea
A day away from the office.


Starting a New Year
Jieb is hanging on.


Lots of Smiles
Who said you can't find a waitress?


Smile please
Time for another drink.


Quiet drink
Terry looking on.


Mama Sans corner
Joe chatting to Mama San.


Hawaiian time
Love the shirts.


Full House
Christmas 2004.


Hawaiian Fun
Another fine display of shirts.


PH3 Girls
The Girls taking in the snowy atmosphere.


Woody & Hammer
Woody & Hammer having a good time.


A Younger Tom
Airhead with hair.


Snowing in TQ
It really snows in TQ.


Early Ferret Run
Lots of familiar faces amongst this crowd.


Hash Groupie
Wayne enjoyed a Mekong (R.I.P.)


A Somber Tom
Hi Y'all.


TQ Memories
Woody and a younger looking ET.


TQ Memories
The younger looking Pope.


TQ Memories
A younger Uncle Pervy.


TQ Memories
Hammer (R.I.P.) & The Bean (R.I.P.)


TQ Memories
Patrick and Woody.


TQ Memories
Airhead in the christmas spirit.


Memory Lane


Its only rock and roll

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